Seabob Watertoys underwater

Seabob Luxury Seatoys: these electric thrusters are unanimous among thrill seekers, on the surface or underwater. The emission-free E-Jet Power System technology provides a powerful and handy propulsion with low energy consumption. Seadoo Pro Shop offers 3 models ranging from 14 to 22km / h for sale or rental, available in our Showroom or delivery on request

Seascooters Yamaha

Yamaha Seascooters: children, adolescents and adults, choose from our various electric thrusters and take a trip on the surface or dive up to 40m. Pulled by a waterproof and light engine, you will rediscover the aquatic universe whether you are at the beach or at sea. Small in size, they are easy to transport and allow you to install a submersible camera to immortalize your adventures

Activité Nautiques et Sports Aquatiques

Water sports and aquatic activities: pleasures at sea are made to be shared with friends or family

- Hang a JOBE towed buoy on your boat or motorized nautical vehicle for hours of laughter and thrills

- Enhance your Yacht with an INFINITY module to extend your play area and recreational possibilities. The inflatable pool is equipped with a net to prevent fish and jellyfish from disturbing your children and they swim in the sea in total safety

- Go on unforgettable hikes on the water with a Stand-Up Paddle and enjoy the marine decor that surrounds you from the beach to the horizon

Seabob Luxury Watertoys
Seabob Luxury Watertoys
Yamaha Seascooters
Yamaha Seascooters
Jobe - Infinity - Brabus
Jobe Nautic Equipment