Seascooter 350Li - French Riviera
  •  Seascooter 350Li - French Riviera
  •  Seascooter 350Li - French Riviera
  •  Seascooter 350Li - French Riviera
  •  Seascooter 350Li - French Riviera

Seascooter 350Li

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As handy on the surface as underwater, the Yamaha 350Li thruster takes you on a nautical ride for more than an hour. Suitable for adults, children, amateurs or experienced divers, this electric seascooter will introduce you to the aquatic world from a new angle

The Seascooter 'Li "(Lithium) are equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries which benefit from fast and durable power and charge

Aerodynamic whether on the surface or underwater, its powerful thruster allows you to save your energy therefore your oxygen and consequently increases your capacity in apnea. This underwater scooter is perfect for scuba divers and amateurs wishing to discover new experiences

Pressing the two triggers activates the propulsion and the engine stops if one is released: your safety is 100% guaranteed. Modulate the speeds if you want to take advantage of the environment or enjoy the speed

The Lithium-Ion battery recharges very easily and quickly, you can also remove it to replace it with another one (optional accessory) and increase the duration of your aquatic trips

Its 3-bar LED gauge advises you the autonomy available to make the most of your time

To capture these moments on video, a Go-Pro camera (not supplied) can be set up. A support is dedicated to this installation and you will be able to record your aquatic adventures to share them with your peers

Technical specifications:

Autonomy: 75 min

Maximum speed: 6 km / h

Number of gears: 3

Power: 350 W

Buoyancy: adjustable (neutral by default, ballast weights provided)

22.2 V / 12 AH Lithium-ION battery

Maximum depth: 50 m / 160 ft (maximum verified depth)

Recommended depth: 40 m / 130 ft (maximum safety limit for diving)

Dimensions: 31.9 cm (H), 30 cm (W), 61 cm (W)

Weight: 8.6 kg

Included accessories:

Mains charger for 240V AC 2000 mA / h lithium battery

On-board camera support (GoPro type)

Air pump for opening the battery compartment

Supports for fitting / holding arms

Silicone grease for maintenance

Additional ballast weights


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